No Alibi...

Be sure to check out tSM's latest single - No Alibi - Live From Alibis 5.9.14 - This Instrumental was written by guitar player Ryan Hazel and is a glimpse of the direction of the Smoked Meats in their songwriting and in their playing abilities as the band grows together! Now entering our 8th month as a quartet, the four of us feel more connected than ever and the notes just seem to be  pouring out into the ears of our listeners! We hope you enjoy and tell your friends!

tSM  2014  News:

- Fall trip to Olean, NY; tSM to play the Press Box!

- July 18th, tSM shares the bill with Event Horizon, Rochelle Rochelle, and Blind Ellis! At Alibis in Carlisle!

- tSM is back at the G Man AUGUST 9th!

-Summer Tour Announced!

T.Rex is in fact... unstoppable!