February 14th, 2015 - 

the Smoked Meats will be back at Bube's Brewery for their second time. Playing their first show of the year. This show promises to be full of fun and romance, Meaty style of course!  there will be 3 sets played by the Smoked Meats with the second set being a special "Love" set.  The boys have conjured up some of their favorite love songs to play just so all of you can take that special someone by the hand and get down on the dance floor.  Be it a slow dance, or a little bit of a bump and grind... One thing's for sure... Getting ready to practice making babies, because this Valentine's Day is going to be one you won't soon forget!  This night's going to make the night Lincoln got shot look like a peanut!

tSM  2015  News:

 - tSM 2.14.15 - Bube's Brewery

 - tSM - 2.20.15 - MMC Ale House on 22

 - tSM - 2.28.15 - Lancaster Art Gallery

 - tSM - 3.17.15 - Ale House 22

 - tSM - 5.1.15 - Jam out into the Woods

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